#144 Popsicle



30x 30cm. Indigo ink on Japanese Washi paper. Matt varnish sealed & ready to hang.

Inspired by fish and food.

First exhibited at Tanks Art Centre, Cairns, this series began in 2017.

Limited edition:  While each tasty morsal is not part of a true edition each work is original and unique. The collection currently records over 150 individual pieces and I imagine will continue until ultimately a day will come when I stop making them.

Originally the Sushi were borne from learning and experimenting with this technique. Left with detailed samples that were not whole works, I dry mounted the works to stretched canvasses and thus began re-cycling my own works on paper.

Each work is catalogued with a number #  and title.

And the red stamp (battery caps), indicates that it is part of this collection.

Below is my signature also a ready made original…..my thumb!